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After seeing Justin live for the second time on Monday, there have been so many thoughts going on in my head. It just makes me sick and sad to read all these hate comments and reviews saying that nasty stuff. Yes, it is true that he has been very far from his best on this tour but the one thing that everybody seems to forget is that he is HUMAN. People that have never faced mental health issues themselves will never understand that no matter how hard you are trying and trying to be present in situations, it often does simply not work. He was very absent, tired and sick looking and I just felt sorry for him. Ofc I was disappointed too but then I remembered that he is just like we are. So many celebrities are cancelling tours and shows right now (Selena Gomez, Zayn) cause of their mental issues and they just get shit for it and that is probably the reason why Justin is still trying. Just listen to the songs on the album that he wrote himself and you will notice that all of the lyrics are sad and depressed, "they forget that I´m human, they forget that I´m real", "It´s like they want me to be perfect, they don't even know that I´m hurtin". 
After all, I had a great time and the songs he sang live, he nailed. After the concert I just fell in love with his music all over again. There is no denying for the amount of talent he has, he just might not be able to show that right now with is a shame. Sorry for this kinda deep post, but I just had to say something to all of this myself. Oh and also at the end of this rant, Justin did announce beforehand that a lot will be playback and yes even Beyonce does it too. 

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  1. ihana postaus ❤ olin itekkin maanantain keikalla ja ei voi kun vaan olla kiitollinen että justin ylipäätän veti keikan alusta loppuun, varmastikin niin hyvin kuin vaan omalta jaksamiseltaan pystyi. ois tosi tärkeetä, että media muistais hänen olevan ihan tavallinen ihminen.


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